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e-Commerce Marketplace Development

A platform from SMD Webtech which connects buyer and sellers at one marketplace. Compared to traditional e-Commerce stores that have only shop, owner and customers, we provide a couple of other services. That is because we are a Marketplace Apps Development Company in London and the United Kingdom. As the Best e-Commerce Marketplace Development Company in the United Kingdom, we provide the leading e-Commerce Marketplace Development Services in London, Bath, Oxford, Bristol, Cambridge, and Liverpool.

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In an Online Marketplace, there are a couple of other entities such as:

  • Marketplace Owner
  • Vendors/Suppliers (In case of B2B)
  • Customers
  • Logistics and Warehouse Manager (In case of big marketplaces)
  • Shipping Provider

There are others as well like Dispute Manager (in case of refund and returns)

How SMD Webtech Develop Marketplace

1. We Setup Your Marketplace

We install the SMD Webtech UK software on a server and set up your domain so it’s ready to go.

2. Quick Onboarding Training Meeting

We’ll have a quick screen-sharing call to get you familiar with the software and help you with the first steps.

3. Start Adding Products and Sell

Start selling products fast. Add your store hours and info, add some products and categories, and start taking orders.

SMD Webtech's Core Marketplace Features


Search by keywords, dates and categories and use filter to sort price, name, and ratings.


You can choose any payment methods to integrate into your marketplace for easy checkout process.


Our language features allow you to translate and edit the content on your marketplace to any language of your choice.

Admin Portal

An administrative interface should be able to monitor activity on your platform and issue alerts to keep your store in good status.

Merchant/Seller Portal

With a powerful seller dashboard, you can view and manage orders and add new listings at the marketplace.


A highly organized workflow operates beneath the interface to ensure perfect delivery every time.

Order System

We create an intuitive checkout that is effortless for the buyers while still providing the necessary security features for your safety.

Ratings and Reviews

Generate a positive review for your marketplace to help in determining high-quality products.

Product Listings

You can have a shopping platform where buyers can get everything they need in one place.

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