Food Delivery

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Food delivery is one of the fastest growing trends in the food industry. It is something not only startups think of, but individual restaurants and restaurant chains, but even grocery stores! This can help you attract a new audience of people who love to do everything with the help of their mobile devices.

Additionally, mobile app can also help your employees by giving them directions, setting delivery times, changing orders, and opening a whole range of possibilities to sync all steps of the delivery process. Want to create your own food delivery app now? Let’s see how to do it.

Restaurant App

The restaurant app is very different from the other two apps. Firstly, it’s a web app with its own particular features.
1. Admin Panel

This is the most important feature for a business owner. The admin panel allows business owners to look through orders, gather statistics, and change any information about restaurants.

2. Personal Profiles

Just like in the other apps, the restaurant app needs profiles so that workers can have access to the panel.

3. Content Management

You can change all kinds of information like locations and working hours. You can also upload pictures and change menu content, including prices.

4. Order Processing

Allows the owner and workers to see all orders, including current and previous orders. Detailed information on each order is also provided.

5. Receiving Payments

This feature allows you to receive payments directly from customers who have confirmed their orders.

Customer App

The user interface is probably the most important part of the application for customers. Thus, your application has to look nice and according to the latest trends.

Customer App Features List

1. Personal Profiles

Signing up is the first thing your customers will need to do before placing an order. So to speak, information about favorite restaurants and recent orders can help customers to make instant orders or repeat orders in one click.

2. Search and Menus

You need to let users search by restaurants, dishes, delivery time, geolocation, and find restaurants nearby.

3. Delivery Time and Real-time Tracking

This feature can be implemented with the help of machine learning which can estimate delivery times based on a large amounts of data including distance, average time for food preparation, and size of the order.

4. Payments

Easy checkout is one of the key stages in the ordering process.

5. Ratings and Reviews

Get feedback from your customers and make improvements according to it. Surely, users need to know that their comments matter.

6. Push Notifications

Push notifications are a great way to get in touch with customers and inform them about delivery status, new offerings, discounts, and much more…

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