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Network setup

SMD Webtech uses firewalls with Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS). This combination helps in evaluating incoming traffic and actively prevents or mitigates potential security threats.

The systems and security team at SMD Webtech perform regular updates on all company systems. The team is capable of responding quickly to any major vulnerabilities by applying patches. This proactive response helps in minimizing the window of exposure to potential threats.

Firewalls and IDS / IPS

SMD Webtech’s security system includes firewalls with both an Intrusion Detection System and an Intrusion Prevention System to protect against both active and passive threats. The systems monitor network traffic and look for any unusual behavior, abnormal traffic, or malicious coding and prevent exploitation of any potential vulnerabilities.

 All servers in our environment are also required to have IDS and IPS installed locally to detect and warn system administrators of unusual activity and to inspect attack data if it occurs. If suspicious activity is identified, the IPS will take the corresponding action required to protect the servers. Alerts are also sent to SMD Webtech’s security team for ongoing monitoring and review.

System Updates

The servers and networks appliances are regularly updated to ensure all software is up to date. If a major vulnerability is discovered, patches are applied immediately by SMD Webtech’s system and security team. Per our compliance, all updates are logged as part of our change-control policies.

Regularly updating servers and network appliances is essential for applying the latest security patches, bug fixes, and feature enhancements. This helps ensure that the software is running on the most secure and stable versions available.

Data Management

SMD Webtech’s approach to data management reflects a commitment to providing secure and compliant services for merchants who entrust them with sensitive data.

SMD Webtech utilizes various tools to manage sensitive data, including a Card Vault, SMD Webtech.js, hosted payment pages, and developer API functionality. These tools likely offer a range of options for securely handling, storing, and transmitting payment and personal information.

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